FAMILIES (Belles Families) (2016)

Director(s): Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Marine Vacth, Gilles Lellouche, Karin Viard, Nicole Garcia
Writer(s): Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Jérôme Varenne (Mathieu Amalric) visits his mother and brother in Paris, while on a European business trip away from his home in Shanghai. He is soon thrown into the legal complications that have marred the fate of the family estate. Old friends, memories, and secrets begin to reveal themselves as Jérôme uncovers the details of his father’s activities after his parents separated. All the while, he finds himself lured by a vibrant young woman who is, amongst other things, his best friend’s girlfriend — a situation that gets even more complicated with the arrival of Jérôme’s fiancée.


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