Elle L’Adore (2014)

#1 Film at the France Box Office On Opening Weekend

Director(s): Jeanne Herry
Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lafitte, Pascal Demolon, Olivia Cote
Writer(s): Jeanne Herry, Gaelle Mace

Muriel is a beautician. But above all, she’s a fan. And she’s the number one fan of French pop star Vincent Lacroix, who is at the height of his career. So she’s completely flabbergasted when she opens her door one night to find her idol standing on her doorstep. He asks her to help him dispose of a hefty package – one containing the body of his wife – that is stowed in the trunk of his car, no questions asked. Muriel agrees without a second thought. That was the night she opened her door to her idol…and that was the night when all the trouble started.


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