Contact us

Southern California:

Cathie Trotta, Managing Director
[email protected]
M. 949-258-2536
Newport Beach, CA, USA

PBM Mailing Address:
1100 Town and Country Road, Suite 1250
Orange, CA 92868

United Kingdom:

Sage Jones, Accounting & Operations
[email protected]
T. 44-777-191-6257

Elin Eklof, Director – Indie Film Distribution
[email protected]

Content Acquisitions:

  • Project Scripts & Info: Cathie Trotta & Elin Eklof
  • Screening Links: Cathie Trotta & Elin Eklof

Airline Sales:

  • Sales and Marketing: Cathie Trotta, Elin Eklof
  • Admin: Cathie Trotta, Sage Jones and Elin Eklof
  • Accounting & Operations: Sage Jones
  • Airline Orders and Materials Inquiries:
    • Sage Jones
    • Cathie Trotta
    • Elin Eklof
  • Sign-in Access:
    • Sage Jones
    • Cathie Trotta
    • Elin Eklof


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