GRINGA (2023)

2022: Winner of Audience Award at Whistler Film Festival; winner of several awards at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival; Winner of Audience Award at Breckenridge Festival of Film

Director(s): Marny Eng, E.J. Foerster
Cast: Steve Zahn, Jess Gabor, Roselyn Sanchez, Jorge A. Jimenez, Judy Greer (short role), Tomas Ruiz
Writer(s): Patrick Hasburgh

A troubled teenage girl’s life is upended when her mother dies. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to find her estranged father, a former soccer star living in rural Mexico as a beach bum and coach to the local women’s team.  Having never known each other, together they learn that a family can be put back together, even if all they have are the missing pieces.  Co-director is E.J. Foerster (known for his work on The Twilight Saga and other well-known films)


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