Selected for 2022 Toronto Film Festival

Director(s): Lindsay MacKay
Cast: Adelaide Clemens, Patrick J. Adams, Douglas Alexander Smith, Kathleen Turner
Writer(s): Kate Hewlett

“The Swearing Jar” is Carey’s story: a music teacher who throws a birthday concert for her husband, Simon, which rekindles reminiscences of their past. Through comedy, music and memory, we follow the story of their relationship, the birth of their child… and the lie that threatens to f*&k it all up!

Carey takes the stage armed only with her voice and her accompanist, Owen. As she launches into a song about her first encounter with her future husband, we too are transported into their history…

Simon comes home with important news, only to learn that Carey has some too: she is expecting a baby, something they’ve been wanting for some time. Simon decides not to share his information, overcome by the surprise pregnancy.

Then Carey meets Owen, a bookstore clerk (and her accompanist at the party). It is clear there is an undeniable attraction. Feeling guilty, but intrigued, she gives him her number – and in an instant, Carey’s life changes.

As Carey and Owen’s connection deepens, Carey is tormented by the emotional betrayal she feels she is committing. At the same time, a lie gnaws away at her marriage, and the two relationships collide in the most unexpected ways.


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