Director(s): Klaudia Reynicke
Cast: Gonzalo Molina, Jimena Lindo, Susi Sánchez

Lucia and Aurora are about to leave their country forever with their mother – and they need

their absent father to sign exit papers. It’s been convenient for Carlos to not be a dad, but now if he wants his daughters’ love, he has to earn back his place before they leave.

“Klaudia Reynicke’s compact feature Reinas deals in intimate moments with an understated charm” – The Hollywood Reporter

“An accessible, tenderly observed heartwarmer” – Screen International

“Director Klaudia Reynicke combines grounded wonder and realism for a cleverly written family story embedded into a larger historical context” – Variety

Director(s): Édouard Bergeon
Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Félix Moati, Sofian Khammes

Carole enjoys a tranquil life in rural France, where she teaches English. Her world crumbles when she learns that her son, Martin, who is conducting research for his Ph.D. in Indonesia, has been arrested for drug trafficking and could be sentenced to death. Convinced of his innocence, Carole discovers that Martin is, in fact, a crucial witness to crimes committed by powerful palm oil producers. To save her son, she decides to attend the trial and confront the powerful lobbies protecting the interests of the so-called “biofuels”. She soon realizes that to rescue Martin she will have to unmask the forces endangering the environment and human lives.

Director(s): Daniele Luchetti
Cast: Elio Germano, Federica Rosellini, Vittoria Puccini

Love. Fear.
Can the threat of a secret being revealed make you live as an honest man? Based on the novel by Domenico Starnone, CONFIDENZA (TRUST) is a thriller of the soul, telling us how love and fear can affect our lives forever.

Original score by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke

“A film which forces you to think, doubt and hypothesize” The Hollywood Reporter


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