Director(s): Peter Hutchings
Cast: Lucy Hale, Nat Wolff,

Jane (Hale), a freelance journalist, and Will (Wolff), a photographer, are immediately drawn to each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. After the pair sneak off to hook up in the coat room, it looks like they might be headed to an empty one-night stand.  But instead, (more…)

Director(s): Gabriel Foster Prior
Cast: Lucy Pinder, Emily Wyatt, Frank Harper

An off-the-wall comedy set in the world of the Bystanders – invisible immortals who watch over their human subjects and intervene in (or interfere with) their lives.

Director(s): Shruti Ganguly
Cast: Leah Lewis, Ashley Moore, Ariel Winter, Sasha Fox, Vanessa Williams

Aspiring chef Lizzy sets off with her three best friends in tow to compete in the prestigious Saucy Food Festival. What begins as a calculated career move quickly turns into a madcap misadventure full of food, fun and female bonding, where the girls learn that struggle can be the secret ingredient to success.

Director(s): Jennifer Cram
Cast: Nina Dobrev, Brandon Mychal Smith, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Koenig, Hayley Magnus, Ray McKinnon, Dan Bakkedahl, Wendi McLendon-Covey

Sick Girl is a female-driven comedy centered around Wren Pepper, a woman who feels her lifelong friends are slipping away. In a desperate attempt to bring her crew back together, Wren blurts out a lie that quickly spins out of control, taking them all on a wild ride and leaving Wren (more…)

Director(s): Don Scardino
Cast: Mariette Hartley, Jerry Sroka, Bernie Kopell, Tess Harper, Morgan Fairchild, John Rubinstein, Peter MacNicol, Sam McMurray

An aging screen legend (Mariette Hartley) and an unemployed voice actor Jerry Sroka navigate the senior dating scene in Hollywood in this (mostly) true-life, delightfully sincere romantic comedy.

Director(s): Marny Eng, E.J. Foerster
Cast: Steve Zahn, Jess Gabor, Roselyn Sanchez, Jorge A. Jimenez, Judy Greer (short role), Tomas Ruiz

A troubled teenage girl’s life is upended when her mother dies. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to find her estranged father, a former soccer star living in rural Mexico as a beach bum and coach to the local women’s team.  Having never known (more…)

Director(s): Chris Foggin
Cast: Rory Kinnear, Joel Frye, Phoebe Dynevor, Hugh Bonneville, Paul Kaye, Jo Hartley (with an appearance by Def Leppard)

Based on the true-life experiences of Dave Fishwick, BANK OF DAVE tells the story of how a working-class Burnley man and self-made millionaire fought to set up a community bank so that he  (more…)

Director(s): James Morosini
Cast: Patton Oswalt, James Morosini, Claudia Sulewski, Rachel Dratch, Seamus Callahan, Amy Landecker

A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect.

Director(s): Katie Aselton
Cast: Diane Keaton, Elizabeth Lali, Taylour Paige, Dustin Milligan, Simon Rex, Loretta Devine, Wendy Malick, Lois Smith, Amy Hill

After wandering into a regression pod following her best friend’s bachelorette party in Palm Springs, a 30-year-old writer wakes up to find that she has magically transformed into her 70-year-old self.

Director(s): Roshan Sethi
Cast: Karan Soni, Geraldine Viswanathan, Gita Reddy

A charming romantic comedy about an Indian couple who after their first date which had been organized by their traditional Indian parents, are forced to shelter-in-place together in her Californian apartment.

Director(s): Mikey Alfred
Cast: Ryder McLaughlin, Vince Vaughn, Miranda Cosgrove, Mikey Alfred, Angus Cloud, Bobby Worr Walker, Nolan Knox

A recent high-school graduate must choose between the future his father wants for him or following his own dream of becoming a pro skateboarder.

Director(s): Todd Stephens (Edge of Seventeen)
Cast: Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans, Michael Urie, Ira Hawkins, Stephanie McVay

A tender comedy drama featuring legendary actor Udo Kier  as retired hairdresser, Pat Pitsenbarger, who escapes the confines of his small-town Sandusky, Ohio nursing home after learning of his former client’s dying wish for him to style her final hairdo for her funeral, rediscovering his sparkle along the way.

Director(s): Manuel Crosby, Darren Knapp
Cast: Tyson Brown, Shelby Duclos, Jesse Janzen

Shy highschooler Mike finally summons the courage to ask out his badass neighbor Kelsey, only to realize he’s missing a key element for a successful date – the car. Panicked and low on cash, he’s conned into buying a beat up ‘65 Chrysler. Mike’s plan to win over Kelsey soon turns into a surreal (more…)

Director(s): Mika Kaurismaki
Cast: Pak Hon Chu, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Lucas Hsuan, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Kari Vaananen

Following the death of his wife, professional chef CHENG travels with his young son to a remote village in Finland to connect with an old Finnish friend he once met in Shanghai. Upon arrival, nobody in the village seems to know his friend but local (more…)

Director(s): Tanya Wexler
Cast: Zoey Deutch, Judy Greer, Jai Courtney, Jermaine Fowler, Noah Reid

Set in the underworld of debt-collecting and follows the homegrown hustler Peg Dahl, who will do anything to escape Buffalo, NY.

Director(s): Shannon Murphy
Cast: Eliza Scanlen, Ben Mendelsohn, Essie Davis, Toby Wallace

When seriously ill teenager Milla falls madly in love with smalltime drug dealer Moses, it’s her parents’ worst nightmare. But as Milla’s first brush with love brings her a new lust for life, things get messy and traditional morals go out the window. Milla soon shows everyone in her orbit – her parents, Moses, a (more…)

Director(s): Steve Kelly
Cast: Brenock O'Connor, Alan Davies, Martine McCutcheon, Jamie Foreman, Adam Deadon

A boy, a girl, and the worst football team in Britain. You can’t choose who you’re going to fall in love with.

Director(s): Carl Hunter
Cast: Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Jenny Agutter

Alan is a stylish tailor with moves as sharp as his suits. He has spent years searching tirelessly for his missing son Michael who stormed out over a game of Scrabble. With a body to identify and his family torn apart, Alan must repair the relationship with his youngest son Peter and solve the mystery of an online (more…)

Director(s): Susan Walter
Cast: Sharon Stone, Tony Goldwyn, Ellen Burstyn, Famke Janssen, Caitlin FitzGerald

Senna Berges (Sharon Stone), a struggling clothing designer who hasn’t quite found herself has given up on finding her soulmate. All seems to be spiraling out of control (more…)

Director(s): Stuart McDonald
Cast: Shane Jacobson, Alan Tudyk, Sarah Snook, Coco Jack Gillies

Based on a true story, about persistent fox attacks threatening to close down the main tourist attraction of a small town in southern Australia – a wild penguin sanctuary – an eccentric chicken farmer teams up with his granddaughter to save the penguins using a very odd method… his rambunctious, trouble-making sheep dog.


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